Recently I met up with an old friend whom I’ve not met for a year. We spoke about the old times and talked about what was happening in our lives. One thing that I couldn’t help sensing was the feeling of listlessness she exuded. Her lacklustre attitude affected me quite badly. I could feel the negative vibes wash over me. There was no inspiration drawn from her as life to her was a monotonous drudgery of work and an abyss of emptiness. Mid-way in the conversation, I decided to inject some verve in the way she looks at things. After all, happiness is really a state of mind.


1. Have something to look forward to

Pick up a hobby so that there is a zoom out session from work. If you are passionate about something, you’ll always be looking forward to getting your hands at it, be it gardening, writing, painting, playing a musical instrument etc. Alternatively, start enrolling for an online course and get into it. Learning something new can be enriching and fulfilling.


2.   Watch feel-good movies

Record a feel-good movie on television so you can watch it after a long day at work. Feel-good movies can be an antidote for stress and serve as a window period that allows you to zoom out of work mode and into a relaxed state of mind.


3. Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to something deserving such as a piece of heavenly mud cake or cheese cake or a bowl of ice cream. Or if you have been wanting to eat something but haven’t gotten round to having it, why not cook something nice for yourself? Savouring a little luxury can perk up one’s spirits. Remember to have that forbidden bowl of beef lasagne or ice cream in moderation.


4. Mingle with positive people

Mingling with positive and enthusiastic people can be gratifying. The good vibes that get rubbed onto you from these people make you feel better as you get inspired by their energy and positive attitude. Positive people are those who have something they enjoy doing in their lives and are happy to rub off their enthusiasm to you.


5.  Feel grateful for what you have

Start thinking of the things you are grateful for each day and jot them down. Rereading each sentence will make you realise how lucky you actually are. There are things that are positive in your life after all and they can easily be taken for granted.


Applying the above can help you change your mindset. The only person who has control over your feelings is you. Act now and start being a changed person in 2014. Be that person who radiates positive energy wherever you go. 


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