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Happiness is a state of mind. It is connected to contentment and gratitude. Giving also promotes that good feeling as we proffer good words, good deeds and think good thoughts. In today’s world, people get embroiled in the rat race, work hours on end frantically and seek temporary solace in retail therapy only to get sucked in the rat race again when the weekend is over. That’s meaningless, I hear you say. That’s the reason why people uproot, change jobs, get out of their comfort zones in search of a better lifestyle in order to achieve happiness. Let’s look at how we can achieve that state of happiness.


1. Practise feelings of gratitude

To be grateful for the things you have and to express gratitude for the simplest things, will result in feeling of contentment. To be contented is to be happy. To focus on what we have and feel grateful for them is to count our blessings. Unfortunately, many focus on what they do not have and negative feelings of envy, hatred and frustration follow, leading to unhappiness and discontent.


2. Be kind

It pays to be kind through actions and words. This quality has a two way magical benefit. By being kind, you feel empowered and happier while at the same time making others happy by brightening their day. A smile is always a sure and simple way of radiating friendliness and transmit feelings of kindness.


3.  Live simply

We all have heard of the phrase ‘Less is more’ and ‘Declutter your living space’. By living simply and possessing only the things you need and not want will make you a much happier person as you live with less clutter and have less choices to make on a daily basis.



4.  Be engaged in enriching activities

All of us need to de-stress from the rigours of daily life and demands at work. Find an avenue to chill out and zone out from work and family demands. Engage yourself in enriching, creative or spiritual activities like meditation, exercise, dairy writing, reading, scrap booking, dance, painting or music.  Such activities will take your mind away from stress and allows you to express your thoughts and feelings freely and explore your creative side.


5. Connect with inspiring people

People around you can either pass negative or positive vibes.  Don’t let negative people affect you or those who seek your attention on a regular basis drain you. Instead enjoy the company of people who are positive, supportive and encouraging. Such company is comforting as you feel energised by positive energy and motivated by consistent support.


6.  Write down your thoughts

Keep a diary, conventional or online, so that you can express your thoughts and feelings and manifest your dreams and hopes. The law of attraction emphasises the habit of writing down your hopes and envisioning them through written words. By doing so, your mind is focused on what is being penned while may compel you to take action to realise your hope one step at a time. By having your hopes to focus on and taking an approach to make them happen, you actually feel much happier.


7.  Spend time in nature

Nature is healing. No one can deny the cathartic effects of nature. Take a walk by the beach or along a nature trail or in the park and your mind will feel much more at ease. The greenery that is spread before your eyes, the colourful blooms dot the monotony of the green foliage and the musical cacophony made by the birds overhead will take your mind away from the stress and unnecessary noise around you. Be at peace in the midst of nature as you envelope yourself in that magical moment as you communicate with the soothing sounds of nature.


There you are. If you ever are bombarded with negativity, follow the above steps to find solace and contentment in your strive to find happiness.

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