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It is unsurprising to note that simple folks are the ones who are happier than their wealthy sophisticated counterparts. Greed leads to discontent and depression. That explains why people who focus on what they do not have are more miserable that those who focus on what they have. The saying ‘An optimist sees the donut while a pessimist sees the hole’ clearly demonstrates how people who are concentrate on what they have and are thankful for them are happier people who lead contented lives. In counting their blessings, these people could see more opportunities that lay before them and make the best of such situations while those who lament on what they do not have will fall into the abyss of misery and depression as they tend to compare themselves with others better than them and whinge about the lack.

Follow the tips below to change your present mindset in order to feel happier and content with yourself:

1. Count your blessings

At the end of each day, reflect upon your entire day as the events unfold. Jot down all the things that you are thankful for in a notebook. Go through what you have written each week and notice how many things you are thankful for. You will be amazed by the number of  blessings that have taken place in your life each week. Give thanks to each one of them and notice how you feel at that particular moment.


2. Thank someone

The next time someone does something for you , no matter how trivial it is, remember to thank him or her. It may be a colleague who has opened the door for you or your child who has taken the garbage bin in. This act of gratitude is not limited to people whom you know or interact with each day. It can be a task done by a total stranger such as the cashier at the supermarket or the bus driver. Expressing gratitude to someone not only demonstrates a gesture of politeness but also  expressing your gratitude for little things that can be easily taken for granted. Saying thank you to someone also shows that the person’s gesture is being appreciated and in turn makes you feel aware that trivial things can make your life more tolerable, if not a little happier as things operate smoothly.


3. Notice the effects of gratitude

If you practise gratitude on a daily basis, be aware of its effects on you. More positive things will resonate with you when you count your blessings. You tend to get help effortlessly, get things done the way you want to, receive little pleasant surprises or have abundance come your way. Remember the adage ‘What goes round comes round?’ In short, the more good deeds you perform, the more positive thoughts you have and the more gratitude you express, the more positive things you will encounter. In turn, the happier you will become.


Never discount the power of gratitude. It is with reason that all religions teach their followers who embrace them the importance of gratitude. It is through the acts of gratitude that we are humbled and feel blessed about the things we have or have received. It is a way to counter check greed. By feeling blessed, we feel much happier and content.

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