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Botox and cosmetic fillers are immediate yet costly solutions to younger looking skin. Are such modern anti-aging remedies really worth all the pain, time and money you’re spending? Would you spend $300 for a shot that is guaranteed to make you come back for more? Sure, nothing beats instant results, but imagine all the money blown away and the pain you have to go through to keep smooth laugh lines and crow’s feet at bay.

That is why we’ve come up with a list of equally effective anti-aging remedies and tips that you can try in order to kiss those signs of aging goodbye. Take a look!


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1. Massage the years off your face

Face massages are great anti-aging remedies, minus the pain and hefty price tag. Acupressure is an effective way to tighten your skin, promote elasticity and relieve it of tension that stress can bring. For a DIY quick fix, use the index and middle fingers of both hands and massage in between brows in 15-20 rotations. Do the same and rotate the fingers on your temples and jawbone, tracing to your jawline and chin. Repeat in cycles of five.

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2. De-puff!
De-puff tired and strained eyes with cold water in the morning to refresh and invigorate as you jump start your day. If they still feel extra puffy, refrigerate your used tea bags (better if chamomile/green tea variety) overnight and in the morning, dab them on for about 5-10 minutes. These steps will improve the appearance of your eyes and decrease dark circles by enhancing blood circulation to these areas, resulting a in a glowing, radiant appearance.

3. Stay away from the sun
If you want your skin to look more youthful and fair, avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Sun exposure causes a multitude of skin changes that we usually attribute to the normal aging process. Ultraviolet (UV) rays cause a number of skin ailments, including skin cancer. Whatever the season, sunscreen is your best friend – another anti-aging secret every woman should use religiously.

4. Get moving!
Aside from maintaining that fab shape, exercise is also good for your skin. It reduces the effects of free-radicals and inflammatory agents on your skin, making it healthier. When you exercise, you would notice a more radiant, beautiful glow afterwards – that is the result  of good blood circulation to your skin. This in turn, promotes cell regeneration and production of natural oils and moisture. What a great way to keep ten years off your skin.

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5. Go au naturel
Of course, the world would never run out of commercial anti-aging creams, masks, serums…the list is endless. Then again, there are a lot of natural, inexpensive alternatives we can find in the comfort of our very own kitchen. We can make our very own facial masks by whisking in some oatmeal, honey and a little bit of brown sugar, which effectively exfoliates and softens our skin. There are tons of other recipes for us to try which are equally effective as those products sold in the market, and the best part is we don’t have to pay a cent.

6. Habits
A healthy diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables, adequate hours of sleep, and cutting on your nicotine fix are good habits that you should establish if you want to seek the fountain of youth.

7. Positivity!
A positive outlook in life decreases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is an effective anti-aging remedy that you can enforce in your everyday life. By improving your mindset and smiling a lot, your cortisol or stress hormone levels decrease, which also decrease the rate of collagen breakdown. So, laugh a lot. Smile a lot. Don’t add ten more years to your age.

We hope you’ve enjoyed scanning through our list of anti-aging remedies. Try these tips become the best version of yourself!



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