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Since time immemorial, mirrors have been an added fixtures inside homes. They are probably one of the most affordable yet elegant decorating tools, and they can easily blend with any kind of interior design. In this article, some of the reasons why people use mirrors in the home will be discussed.


1.   Mirrors are used for their reflective property

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons as to why people use mirrors in their homes. Due to its ability to show reflection, mirrors are used for inspection. People usually put mirrors in the bathroom as well as in their bedroom so they can check themselves when they do their hair and/or make-up. A mirror that is placed next to the closet also gives the person a chance to immediately check how he/ she looks with his/ her outfit. Moreover, some people also place a mirror near the door so they can take one last look of themselves before they leave the house. 

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  2.  Mirrors are used to create an illusion of space and boundary


You probably already know that magicians normally use mirrors to create illusions. Just the same, people use mirrors in their homes to create an illusion. Mirrors can make a small room appear larger because the reflection can somehow create the illusion of another room. Also, a mirror can create an illusion of blurred boundaries. One way of doing this is to position a big rectangular mirror in such a way that it can reflect the view of the exterior opposite the window. This will give the illusion of greenery interlocked within the living space. You can capture the goings on in the exterior and watch the birds perching on the branches of the tree live in the comfort of your living room.   



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  3.  Mirrors can be used to illuminate a room


As mentioned earlier, mirrors can reflect light. Some use this piece of home décor to direct light into a dark area by placing the mirror such that it will reflect light from a window or from an artificial light source. For you to be able to determine the best position, you can try to hold the mirror in different positions and determine the one which can maximize the amount of light that is directed. Additionally, you can place candles in front of a mirror to enhance the light as well as to add a romantic effect.


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4.  Mirrors can be used for decorative purposes  


Mirrors can be used to decorate the home, especially when they have lovely and stylish frames. When purchasing a mirror, you might want to consider whether the frame will blend well with the interior design of the room, the colour of the wall paint, as well as the styles of the furniture placed in the room. Nowadays, there are also modern mirrors which have mirror frames, and they can make the room look elegant. Apart from mirrors with different kinds of frames, a mirror without a frame can enhance the appearance of the room as well. 

With the reasons mentioned in this article, it is now rather unsurprising that this practical piece of home décor is used by many. Aside from explaining the reasons, this article has also provided you with some insights on how to place mirrors for a better effect. Hopefully, the ideas that you have gathered here will be useful to you when you decide to decorate your own home with mirrors.

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