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Just like any outstanding fashion piece, brooches can be great eye candies. Aside from their aesthetic value, brooches can also serve as investment pieces (especially the ones with precious metals/stones), making them great family heirlooms and a stable venture.

For starters, you may ask: “what are some ways I can use my brooches aside from just pinning them strategically on my chest?” Here, we’ve gathered 7 creative ways that you can use your trusty brooch.

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1.  As an embellishment to your sun hat

When you’re feeling Audrey Hepburn-ish and would want to add some glam to the whole package, trust a brooch to do it for you. Just pin it down on one side and voila! The plain sun hat becomes a sophisticated fashion piece in an instant.

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2.    As a choker

If you have a pretty scarf and a brooch, you can design your own choker. Just tie up both ends in a single, loose knot, and pin your brooch onto the center. There you have it! Another statement piece that you can do in less than 30 seconds, tops. You can also wear it in different positions, either placing the focal point in the center, or putting it asymmetrically.

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3.    Wearing it as a hair piece

Using a brooch as a hair piece is genius, as it really enchants and captures one’s eyes. You can even turn old, broken brooches into hair clips to preserve the beauty of the designs.  Adorn your crowning glory with some brooches, and you will turn that ordinary mane into a swoon-worthy piece of art.

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4.     As detachable pendants

If you’re a fan of long strand necklaces, and you would want to spice up your usual look, then you can use a brooch to add some “va-va-voom” to that usual bunch of strings. Just place the brooch strategically onto a strand and, boom! You’ve got yourself another statement piece.

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5.    On shoes

When you’ve got two identical (or similar ones, and no one can tell the difference) brooches in your stash, you can turn them into shoe accessories! Stick or pin them on a plain pair, and you will congratulate yourself for being such a great designer, sans the effort.

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6.   As fridge magnets

Turning brooches into fridge magnets is another one of those projects that fall under the ‘repurposing’ category. Just get your trusty glue gun and stick on some magnets on to your old brooches, and there you have it! Your own glamour fridge magnet, made by a glamour goddess, for a glamour goddess.

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7.    Using them as home accents

When you’ve grown tired of wearing certain brooches, you can still put them to good use by turning them into home accents. There are a lot of ways you can do this, one of which is to use them as embellishments to your curtain tiebacks. Another way to go is to stick them onto some filigree picture frames, which may add to its appeal. Keep your houseguests wondering how you make home designing seem so easy with these unique ideas.

We’ve reached the end of our list, ladies! We hope you got some wonderful ideas that you could use. Feed your creative soul, and work on a project that would keep you on your toes.

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