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Some homes have attics, and they are usually used solely as a storage place for old stuff that are no longer needed. However, in actuality, you can use the attic for many other purposes other than as a storage area. In this article, 4 ways on how to maximize the use of the attic will be discussed.

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  1. Turn your attic into an extra bedroom

The first thing that you should do before turning your attic into a bedroom is to inspect it carefully. If your attic still does not have a drywall and you can still see the studs, or there is no electricity, there may be a lot of adjustments that need to be done before successfully turning it into a room. Other things that you need to consider are the quality of ventilation, as well as the amount of repairs that are needed to be done (if there are any). Once you have inspected the room carefully, and have made the necessary tweaks, you can now decorate it and add pieces of furniture such as your bed, study table, and shelves.

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2.     Turn your attic into a recreational room

If you have enough space in your attic, you can turn it into a recreational room with a pool table, darts, and other recreational games. You can also place a TV and video game consoles, place a box with toys, put mats on the floor, and make it a play area for your kids. However, if you are going to turn your attic into a playroom for your kids, make sure that the means of access to your attic is safe for your kids. In addition, if your children are still too young, it may be safer if you will accompany them as they go up and down the attic.


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3.  Turn your attic into a home office

If you wanted to set-up a home office, but you do not have any spare room, you might want to consider turning your attic into one. The advantage of this is that the attic is one of the quietest spots in the house, hence, you will be able to concentrate better on your work. Since you will be using a computer and other electronic devices, your attic must have access to electricity.

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4.   Turn your attic into a library

As mentioned earlier, the attic is one of the quietest parts of the house. With this, an attic can definitely make a good library. A simple way to do this is by placing bookshelves, a comfortable couch or chairs, and a coffee table. It would be better if your attic has enough windows that can let natural light in, but if not, you can use artificial sources of light such as lamps and permanent lighting fixtures that can be placed on the ceilings or walls.

The things mentioned in this article are just some of the most effective ways on how to maximize the use of the attic. With the use of your creativity and imagination, you will surely be able to turn your attic into a useful space. In the end, it still depends on your preference as well as your available resources.

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