The new year has just dawned upon us. While many of us anticipate good experiences and good luck in the new year, there are some of us who still have unresolved past issues that need to be addressed. It does not do you good to harbour ill feelings about unresolved problems in the previous year. The key is to let go of past ill feelings about people or incidents. Be positive and open your mind and heart to abundance. 

1. Positive thoughts and actions 

Think positive and act positive. Discard all feelings of resentment and frustrations. Unblock all passages that allow positive energy to flow towards you. Start your day with an affirmation such as ‘Today will be a good day for me’ or ‘Blessings will flow to me all day today’. Once you start your day in a positive light, everything else will flow smoothly. It is important to set the tone for the day so that all else will follow in the same rhythm. Kind actions such as giving way to another driver on the road or giving up your seat to someone else who needs it more than you do on the bus will spur good things to come to you. 


2. Give and you shall receive 

Giving your time to others will trigger feelings of happiness. This can come in the form of volunteer work or just time to listen to someone who needs a listening ear. Donating some cash or unused items such as clothes and other personal belongings will also have the same effect. You give knowing that someone else can benefit and help lighten their burden. When you give, you get threefold in different forms. The effects of giving is stupendous. 


3.  Keep a gratitude log

To be happy one has to be grateful for the things one has. Try keeping a gratitude journal and make it a point to write a few things you are grateful for each day. By doing this, you get to look back and reflect upon the things that you have which others are deprived of and the genuine people who are around you whom you tend to take for granted. Being grateful for even the little things will trigger feelings of joy and contentment. 

Abundance will flow if you keep to the simple rule of being positive and grateful. Open your mind and heart to new experiences and have faith that good things will come to you. Positive energy promotes positive experiences in your life. Change your mindset and let go of all negative feelings of resentment and frustrations from the previous year. 

Have a blessed, happy and fruitful new year! 

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