Herbal essences ‘Smooth Lovin’ None Of your Frizzness’ serum is a new comer introduced by Clairol. This 75ml leave in moisturiser is packaged in a small, thin bottle that fits snugly into your handbag. Its red and brown label against the green bottle makes it conspicuous enough on supermarket shelves. Valued at less than AU$7, it is considered a steal for budget-strapped hair conscious shoppers.

Some thoughts

Although the product claims that it ‘helps smoothen hair after just one use’ with its ‘anti-humidity technology’,  my hair needs about 2 to three small dabs of application before the sleekness becomes noticeable. Also, a few more small dabs of the product need to be applied each day before wash-hair day. 

The effect is satisfactory. My hair becomes shiny and sleek immediately after application. The best thing about the product is that it fits nicely in the handbag so that the serum can be reapplied on blown away hair or on hair exposed to extreme heat. 

The consistency of the serum is pretty thick and works well on my hair. It needs a few dabs of application on the back, sides and fringe before the effects can be seen. The subtle fragrance is also a plus factor of the serum, giving the hair a hint of freshness. 

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