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Feeling down and unmotivated? Is winter making you feel less productive? This is the reason why. The area you work in lacks sunlight. Yes. It is true. If you’re not on top of things and feeling depressed, chances are, you’re working in the wrong part of the house. Ask yourself these questions: Is your home office dark and closed up? Are the curtains closed and obstructing the sunlight and view? If your answer is yes, then, you need to soak in the energy of the sun to be more positive and productive. Consider the tips below to energise yourself and change your state of mind.

  1. Soak in some sunlight

Work in the balcony or the backyard if such places are brighter and warmer due to more sunlight streaming in. If you work in a home office, draw the curtains to allow more sunlight to brighten the room. Sunlight helps to change your mood and mindset. Chances are you’ll be more productive and feel much better working when exposed to some natural light. Sunlight is indeed a natural source of energy that recharges your body and soul that are much needed for a positive mindset. Why do you think people feel lazy and unproductive when it’s gloomy and grey outside and are more active when the sun is shining brightly outside? The sun has got amazing energy that revitalises you inside out. So ensure that you have plenty of sunlight where you work. 

2. The pleasures of warmth

You work better when your home office is warm. This is because warmth brings comfort. Ensure that you have a heater or a fireplace near you. Warmth is inviting and comforting. You need it to stay productive. 


3. Yellow is gold

Painting a yellow accent on a wall will change the mood to any room. If your living room or work space is dull, try giving one part of the room a hint of yellow. Alternatively, introduce a vase of sunflowers or a painting that has predominant yellow colours to promote the flow of energy and the change of mindset. 

4. Reflect more light 

Use a long mirror to reflect and introduce light in the room. To do this, you need to position the mirror directly opposite a window. This helps to brighten your room and works as mood switcher. In no time, you’ll feel more energised and productive instead of feeling down and depressed. 

So, soak in the energy of the sun to be more positive and productive. Try one of or a combination of the above the next time you feel unproductive. Don’t take the sun’s rays for granted as it is the source of life and energy. Amazingly, it changes your mood and lifts up your spirits. Do share your stories about how the sun’s energy bring positivity to your mind and energises your body. 

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