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Autumn is here despite the unusual warm weather we are experiencing these few weeks. Mind you!The temperature is sure to drop in the following weeks. It’s not too late to examine your wardrobe so you have wearable autumn styles for shoulder seasons as well as for the winter.  

Knit wear and earthy colours are in. Choose designs that make you look slimmer and chic. Below is a list of autumn styles we’ve compiled to help the wanna be fashionista choose her autumn wear: 

  1. Long cardigan

Long cardigans are in. They not only have a slimming effect but are also stylish. Suitable for wearing over a long top, kaftan or a dress.  Choose light knitted material that doesn’t tend to cover your top or dress. 

maryle grey long line cardigan

Marle grey long line cardigan 


2.   Vest

Vests are usually disguised as waterfall cardigans but in actual fact, they are timeless pieces of clothing made for layering and have been given a whole new look. Feminine and chic, fashionable vests are ideal to wear in autumn and winter over short or long tops and dresses. They give clothes texture and some flair. 

fashionable vests

                                                                        Noir drape vest 


3.   Jacket

Jackets are timeless classics. Worn at work or on casual outings, they are made for any occasion or season. For autumn  months, spot on a Merino wool jacket for its light weight feature and quality. Don’t put up with the hassle of ironing. Merino wool jackets are indeed long term investment pieces. 

Blanc Relaxed Lapel Jacket

Blanc relaxed lapel jacket

4.  Poncho

A poncho is an over sized jumper that is made of wool, cotton or acrylic knit. Despite its size, it provides texture and contrast to clothes. Choose a size closest to your actual size and take into account the clothes that will be worn underneath when choosing a poncho. The right poncho can look fashionable and alluring. 

pullover poncho

Pullover poncho

Autumn wear can be very versatile as it can be used in winter and reused in spring. Play around with colours – contrast or blending in – and experiment with layering with the help of belts and scarves. Put on your best winter boots and you are ready to rock! The street is your runway, so make your set of clothes a fashion statement that features your own style.     

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission but it is at no extra cost to you. 


rum riche me


Have you just bought a lipstick colour that turns out too bright or too light when you try it on at home? The colour looks great on the back of your hand, but do know that the effect differs once you’ve applied it on your lips? You’re not alone. I’ve made that mistake before simply because I have the aversion of trying on tester lipsticks on my lips. Gee!!! How many lips have that tester been applied on?

Maybelline lipstick MAT7

I was looking at lipsticks in the Maybelline section at Priceline when I spotted a colour that I fancied. It was Maybelline’s Bold Matte MAT 7.  I smeared the lipstick on the back of my hand and liked the muted pink-beige colour. (Colour on the right)


Thinking the colour would suit me, I didn’t hesitate to purchase the lipstick. Alas, I was so wrong! I was filled with disappointment the moment I applied it on my lips at home. The overall effect was the complete opposite to my expectations. The colour was too light and didn’t brighten my face in any way. My face looked terribly pale!!! Of course, I regretted my purchase. I could have left the lipstick in my cosmetic bag amongst a paraphernalia of make-up products and forget about it. But no. There must be a way to make this right.   

So, I made another trip to Priceline to look for a lipstick of a darker shade to blend with the MAT7. And so many testers later, I decided that Maybelline 280 Rum Riche was the perfect choice. And oh yes. I didn’t want to take any chances. This time, I tested the colour on my lips. Forget about hygiene issues. I’ve had enough blunders to deal with. My thoughts? I liked the colour on its own.

rum riche 2


rum riche 3


The blending result? Blending 280 Rum Riche with MAT7 created a new effect altogether, brighter than the last but not too fiercely intense. While the light and creamy Maybelline MAT7covers my lips in one single swipe, the Maybelline 280 rum riche provides a nice sheen to my lips, brightening up my face. Adding to this, the Maybelline 280 rum riche deepens the intensity of the colour, producing a brighter pink-mauve tone to my lips.

Maybelline lipsticks


The next time you’ve made a blunder in a lipstick purchase, look for either a darker or lighter shade to brighten or tone down your lip colour. Bright reds go well with younger wearers while a more muted colour in the plum, coffee or rum category would suit more mature ladies. Don’t fret the next time you go home with the wrong purchase. Instead, you should have fun blending lipsticks of two different shades. Life is indeed full of surprises! You don’t know what you’re going to get!



Winter will be arriving Down Under in a few months. The weather, despite it being erratic in the past few weeks, is getting milder. If you are getting your wardrobe ready for the switch in season, consider the 7 winter head wear ideas that you can steal, to coordinate with your applause-worthy winter wear! 

  1. Classic beanie

classic beanie

The classic beanie has been around for ages, gracing the streets of Sydney and Melbourne.With its invaluable versatility…it simply looks good with just about anything! Beanies are the perfect winter head wear that span among the sexes and seasons – it is great for strolling under the wonderful weather.

2.    Faux fur hat

faux fur hat

Sometimes, a beanie just ain’t enough. And there are days that you would want to break away from that beanie rut. It’s time to change up your look with another headgear…perhaps a faux fur hat would do the trick. Pair this off with an equally dramatic ensemble, like a trench coat, for added flair and sophistication. Now you’re all set.


3.  Basic fedora


Learn a thing or two from Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake and cop their style by putting on a classic fedora. Feds give an androgynous accent to your winter garb, and keep your head warm as well, another way to break free from that beanie rut that has been going on for a number of seasons now.

4.    Berets


Explore the different style possibilities that the season can offer by putting on that ol’ beret of yours.  Choose one with a refreshing pop of color and pair it off with your favorite fur coat, for that chic, ‘Winter Wonderland’ feel.  You can even adorn your beret with a cute brooch to give it a little more design lovin’.

5.  Newsboy cap

newsboy cap

Unleash your inner schoolgirl by sporting a newsboy cap. Look preppy-pretty and take your sweet time exploring the joys that the city has to offer, while keeping your head warm and cozy. This winter headwear is really something.

6. Turban hat

turban hat

Go mystic and funky with a turban on winter! A turban is another novelty hat to wear during the season. Cover up the frizz that the cold weather tends to bring upon your hair with this fashionable head piece. Bad hair day or not, you might want to sport this winter headwear all the time. Not that we didn’t warn you (winks).

7. Cloche hat

cloche hat

Cloche hats were a big hit during the 1920s, when flapper dresses and sleek bob cuts were all in the rage for women. This kind of hat entered a second vogue in the ‘60s, establishing itself as one of the most popular headgear across the decades. Relive the Roaring Twenties with a bang, and enjoy the holidays with a cloche hat in tow.

We’ve reached the end of our list! Don’t let the cold weather stop you from expressing your unique sense of style – a true fashionista knows how to reinvent and adapt to changes, regardless of the season. We hope you’ve already picked a winter mainstay to keep your head warm and cozy. Enjoy the season, ladies!



Brrrrrr! The cold season is setting in, ladies – and what could possibly complete your wardrobe other than winter boots? There is no turning back when it comes to these fashion-forward items. From high fashion to the urban, casual streets of metropolitan Sydney, winter boots are making a comeback as the the temperature drops, chilling the air. Discover your personal style as we’ve selected 8 boot style ideas that you can cop out for the season! Be warned though – these boots can pretty much steal the spotlight. Have fun!

brown over the knee bootswolfgangvoss2 Over the knee boots Chicisimo DTuTMTvq

 Photo credit:

  1. Over-the-knee boots

Perfect for the fall-to-winter season, these killer footwear are out to make a statement everywhere you go. Don’t be fooled by its sleek, sultry appearance – these babies are fashion staples and will never go out of style. Indulge in a pair (preferably in a neutral color) that is functional enough for day to night transitions, one that is perfect for your wardrobe picks as you go ‘round and about decking the halls (while grabbing the world by the lapels in your kick-ass boots).


 Photo credit:

  1. Mid-calf boots 

Sometimes, it pays to be not too over-the-top…and for those times when you want to keep it simple, mid-length boots are the one for you. It’s not flashy and attention-seeking (like your pushy officemate), but it’s not shabby either. A boot that hits somewhere between the knee and the ankle, it is perfect for those casual days out of your usual office routine – a stroll in the park, while running some errands, the options are endless. Pair it off with your favorite pair of jeggings and oversized tees for that “I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-I’m-still-fab” look.


Photo credit:

  1. Wedge boots

If you’re looking for the perfect boot that embodies just about everything about winter, which is comfort and style combined, then you should get yourself some wedge boots. These winter boots are perfect for those days when you would still want to dress up in spite of a long day ahead. If you’re the petite type and you would want some extra leg leverage sans the discomfort that normal heeled boots can bring, wedge boots are the way to go, sister!


Photo credit:

  1. Motorcycle/Combat boots

Rocker, adventurous chicks will love these babies…but it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t, too. These fashion forward babies are taking the streets of Sydney by storm – imagine the number of looks you can come up while strutting your stuff in some moto/combat boots! Luxe meets rogue with these boots…you can never go wrong with owning a pair. Add some spunk to your casual outfits with these boots while you’re on your toes for rest of the season. It’s time to come out of your fashion comfort zone and explore the possibilities.

Photo credit:

  1. Ankle Booties

 Ankle-grazers are here to stay – and with good reason, of course. You can pair this with almost anything you can get out of the back of your closet – denims, leggings, trench coats, almost anything from your winter wardrobe. Talk about ultra-versatile! From shabby chic and laidback to ultra-hip and funky, these popular steppers are sure to nail it.


We have reached the bottom of our list, ladies! We hope you have found that one true pair of steppers you can use this season. Winter boots are a great addition to any wardrobe – a great, versatile pair can go a long way. Enjoy the season and step it up in style!



Photo credit:


Ladies, face it – in this day and age, skin care is one of our top priorities. With all the demands of our careers and lifestyles, it isn’t any wonder how much our skin would need some extra lovin’, considering all the abuse we’re putting it through (this is a great time to cut on the junk food, smoking and stress, by the way). Especially in this day and age, premature aging is an issue – somewhere in our early thirties (and before we even get to blow out our 35th candle), some signs of aging become imminent.


Especially our under-eye area – it might hold the greatest testament to all the stress, bad habits and lack of zzz’s we’ve been through. That being said, it’s about time we paid extra attention to this delicate part of our face – eye creams, for example, can provide all the nourishment and moisturization it needs. But how do we choose the right one, out of all the brands that are promising more or less the same benefits? Allow us to help you with that as we come up with a guide for you to help you choose the right eye cream for you! Read on, sister.


To keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay…


Since the skin surrounding the eye area is very delicate, it can be the target of a lot of damage due to constant activity we do with our eyes (blinking, twitching, smiling). Even bad habits, like rubbing our eyes vigorously, can cause fine lines and wrinkles to show. Yikes!


If this is your primary concern, consider choosing eye creams with active ingredients that help in collagen building. Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative, as well as 24k gold particles are potent ingredients known for their ability to smoothen out any fine lines and wrinkles you have. Expect to see a firm and taut eye area with continued use!


For tired, puffy eyes… 

Puffy eyes are attributed to fluid buildup in this area because of bad habits, most especially, lack of sleep, alcohol and eating salty food (ugh, talk about bloated!). To reduce swelling, look for products with active ingredients like cucumber extract or caffeine, which not only invigorates tired eyes, but also constricts the blood vessels in this area, diminishing the puffiness. Choosing eye creams that are specific to this problem can help a lot.


For dark circles… 

While a change in diet and getting enough sleep can help lighten up your dark circles, it is best to find a product that could actually diminish its appearance.  In choosing eye creams, consider products with brightening agents, like Vitamin C, licorice extract and kojic acid, that can help with the discoloration and uneven skin tone. Peptides and green tea extract can also help, since they plump up and reduce under eye shadows and improve circulation in that area. What an invigorating way to kiss those dark circles goodbye!


For deep moisturization and nourishment… 

Most eye creams usually contain an emollient/humectant base which is great if you need an adequate amount of moisturization and nourishment. If you have extremely dry skin, you might need to read the labels first – find a ‘moisturizing eye cream’, since it is packed with more active ingredients and a richer consistency that can combat dryness. 

There you have it folks! Choosing eye creams can be a tasking activity, but we hope that this guide has given you a jumpstart. Thank you for reading and happy shopping!




Photo credit:

Just like any outstanding fashion piece, brooches can be great eye candies. Aside from their aesthetic value, brooches can also serve as investment pieces (especially the ones with precious metals/stones), making them great family heirlooms and a stable venture.

For starters, you may ask: “what are some ways I can use my brooches aside from just pinning them strategically on my chest?” Here, we’ve gathered 7 creative ways that you can use your trusty brooch.

Photo credit:

1.  As an embellishment to your sun hat

When you’re feeling Audrey Hepburn-ish and would want to add some glam to the whole package, trust a brooch to do it for you. Just pin it down on one side and voila! The plain sun hat becomes a sophisticated fashion piece in an instant.

Photo credit:


2.    As a choker

If you have a pretty scarf and a brooch, you can design your own choker. Just tie up both ends in a single, loose knot, and pin your brooch onto the center. There you have it! Another statement piece that you can do in less than 30 seconds, tops. You can also wear it in different positions, either placing the focal point in the center, or putting it asymmetrically.

Photo credit:

3.    Wearing it as a hair piece

Using a brooch as a hair piece is genius, as it really enchants and captures one’s eyes. You can even turn old, broken brooches into hair clips to preserve the beauty of the designs.  Adorn your crowning glory with some brooches, and you will turn that ordinary mane into a swoon-worthy piece of art.

Photo credit:


4.     As detachable pendants

If you’re a fan of long strand necklaces, and you would want to spice up your usual look, then you can use a brooch to add some “va-va-voom” to that usual bunch of strings. Just place the brooch strategically onto a strand and, boom! You’ve got yourself another statement piece.

Photo credit:

5.    On shoes

When you’ve got two identical (or similar ones, and no one can tell the difference) brooches in your stash, you can turn them into shoe accessories! Stick or pin them on a plain pair, and you will congratulate yourself for being such a great designer, sans the effort.

Photo credit:


6.   As fridge magnets

Turning brooches into fridge magnets is another one of those projects that fall under the ‘repurposing’ category. Just get your trusty glue gun and stick on some magnets on to your old brooches, and there you have it! Your own glamour fridge magnet, made by a glamour goddess, for a glamour goddess.

Photo credit:


7.    Using them as home accents

When you’ve grown tired of wearing certain brooches, you can still put them to good use by turning them into home accents. There are a lot of ways you can do this, one of which is to use them as embellishments to your curtain tiebacks. Another way to go is to stick them onto some filigree picture frames, which may add to its appeal. Keep your houseguests wondering how you make home designing seem so easy with these unique ideas.

We’ve reached the end of our list, ladies! We hope you got some wonderful ideas that you could use. Feed your creative soul, and work on a project that would keep you on your toes.



brown tote


As with shoes, women have a complex relationship with bags, and the exact reasons why are really hard to pinpoint. From the coveted Birkin to the fancy Prada, we have had our sights set on only the best handbags we could ever get our hands on. Whether you blame it on the hormones (not so sure how it works), or the influence that Hollywood has on us, we are all into the arm candies.

There is a wide array of types and designs to choose from, and it may be difficult to dress up and select a bag that fits the occasion. More often than not, we may have had those times where we couldn’t exactly choose the kind of bag that best works for our outfit.

Fear not, we’ve put up some tips and tricks on how to choose the right bag for the occasion! Here, we give you some scenarios with corresponding handbag suggestions to help you turn that ordinary outfit into a très chic one.



Photo credit:

clutch white

Photo credit:

Scene #1: Your best friend’s garden wedding (Mantra: “I will get that bouquet. Repeat three times”)

                Who doesn’t love weddings? Take that maid-of-honor title up a notch by carrying a timeless, elegant clutch with you. Depending on the motif and color scheme, you can choose the more fashion-forward pieces to add sass to your ensemble. When in doubt, you can choose the classic-looking ones. You can also wear a formal shoulder bag if you feel like bringing along a bit more stuff than clutches can store.

envelope bag

Photo credit:


envelope croc

Photo credit:


Scene #2: Girls’ Night Out…no beaus allowed.

                If you’re the sassy party girl who never runs out of energy, or the classy, elegant modern-day Grace Kelly with a dash of spunk, an envelope clutch (preferably with an accompanying wristlet) is a great buy for you. Perfect for those day-to-night outfit transitions, choose a color that would complement most casual and semi-formal attires in your wardrobe.



Photo credit:


messenger bag

Photo credit:



Scene #3: Poetry reading session at the local coffee shop

                For those moments where you feel like baring your creative soul and unleashing your inner hippie, a hobo bag is an excellent choice. For casual days like these, you can also opt for a satchel or messenger bag, which could also do the trick. You can still look fashionable even in the most carefree of days, and you wouldn’t need a fancy handbag for that.


clutch black

Photo credit:

gold clutch

Photo credit:

Scene #4: Company-sponsored charity ball (rubbing elbows with the guys on top of the corporate ladder)

                For black tie events such as charity balls, a clutch is almost always your best bet. Make sure it matches the rest of your outfit perfectly, to achieve that seamless, elegant look.



Photo credit:



Photo credit:

Scene #5: Another busy day at the office

                A girl-on-the-go needs a bag that could keep up with her busy schedule. Ergo, the classic tote for the busy woman. Every girl needs a decent-sized bag that is durable and large enough to fit her essentials. Then, it is no wonder that in the office arena, the carry-all is king.


                There you have it, ladies! Remember: the right bag can transform any look from downright boring to delightfully tasteful. Choosing the right handbag for the occasion would make a great difference. Good luck!




Photo credit:


If you are thinking of discarding your favourite pair of trousers because of a jammed zip or one that partially breaks off, think twice. Why not send it to the tailor to get the zip removed and re-sewn for a fraction of the price of a new pair of trousers? This post looks at how you can transform any piece of clothing or pair of foot ware without having to shop for new ones.

Want to know more? Read on:


1.  Frayed edges

If your blouse seems to be a bit frayed around the edges, a velvet ribbon can be the perfect cover-up when sewn on top of the frayed seams. Use similar colour for an inconspicuous blend-in effect. Alternatively, wear a sweater or jacket to cover that frayed edges in cooler seasons.


2.   Loose elastic waist band or cuffs

Replace loose elastic cuff or waist band with a new one. For a more fashionable effect, replace the loose elastic with a satin ribbon that you can tie into an attractive bow. Use a brighter coloured ribbon for white tops or black or neutral coloured ribbon for brighter ones.     


 Photo credit:

Photo credit:

3.  New outlook

You may choose to wear the same gorgeous and expensive dress to attend functions or meet up with friends for special events. You’ve worn it so many times that friends and family members can easily recognise the same clothing. Disguise the dress by adding a touch of variety in the form of knitted cardigan of various sizes, a shawl, scarf or a vest. This two-piece touch will definitely give your dress a new fresh look. Also, wear a beaded or large-stoned necklace so attention is drawn to it and not that same old dress.


Photo credit:


Photo credit:


4.   Creative additions

Give an old blouse a new look by replacing its plain buttons with ornate ones. Add sequins to plain tops or thin lace to line the hem of a dress. Wear a thick belt to give a plain blouse an added touch of glamour. In addition, wear the over-worn short dress over tights or pants for that new look. 


5.    Test Stains 

Always test perfumes, deodorants or creams to make sure they will not have adverse chemical reaction on your clothes. Certain creams or lotion have a tendency to stain clothes. Testing your lotion, perfume or cream on the underside of old or unused clothes with save on dry-cleaning expenses in the long-run.    


6.   Shoe fixes

If you’ve worn out the sole of your favourite shoes or boots, send them to be resoled instead of tossing them out. Give dull-looking shoes a brand look by giving it a coat of polish or replace high-heeled shoes with low heels.


Old clothes and foot ware can be given a magical make-over through creativity and some initiative. Save hundreds of dollars by simply giving your old wardrobe new fashion fixes. Accesorise and coordinate clothes to create that new look. Less is more!




It is common knowledge that a fashionista knows her stuff – the hottest outfit, the colourful bags, the shoes…don’t even get me started on the shoes. Then again, updating our wardrobe every season tends to be time-consuming, even financially draining ($150 for a dress you’ll wear only once? You’ve got to be kidding).

Thus, we’ve decided to come up with a list of the Top 10 essential clothing pieces that should be in every ‘it’-girl’s closet. Have fun scanning through, and we hope we could give some ideas that you can steal and eventually, adapt into your own wardrobe.


1.    Basic white t-shirt

Lazy weekends and casual days are part of the ‘it’-girl’s week…and what could be more fitting than your basic tee? Wearing one feels immaculate and free, something you would want to feel after a gruesome week at work. Top it off with a statement necklace and your favorite skinny jeans for that relaxed, effortless look.

Photo credit:


2.   Denims in a classic wash

Another item falling under the ‘casual’ category, this is very indispensable for the weekend warrior who’s on the go – errands, strolling, night-outs, something that could keep up with someone as fast-paced as your lifestyle. Skinny or straight-cut, what’s important is the comfort and versatility that your jeans should give.

Photo credit:


3.    Classic trench coat

This piece will last you practically your lifetime. Even if you change sizes up a notch, the trench coat will still be your best friend during the season. Look for one that has a neutral color, so that you can wear it with anything. Indeed, it is one of the essential clothing pieces for any ‘it’-woman.

Photo credit:


4.   Tailored blazer

Blazers are such a hit, and you can spot this piece on working women, rocker chicks that have studded versions, preppy schoolgirls…almost anyone can make this work! If you want an investment piece, opt for a lean, tailored, classic blazer that can sail with you through the seasons.


5.   Little black dress

It is safe to say that this piece is the golden standard for women’s fashion. The LBD is just legendary – think of the million ways that you can change your look! Nothing comes close to your little secret. From day to night, in the office, to a romantic dinner, to a gala event, the little black dress keeps you covered. Invest in one which accentuates your assets and flatters your figure.

Photo credit:


6.   Black tights

Black opaque tights, to be exact. Tights are great pieces to wear over your sweater dresses and printed skirts. It gives off an intelligent, sophisticated, yet sexy, vibe to your ensemble.


Photo credit:


7.   Classic skirt

Especially when you’re the so-called ‘office diva’, this piece should come as a given in your wardrobe. Invest in this essential clothing item that comes in a flattering shape (A-line or pencil, whatever works for you) and classic neutral shade (preferably black), and you might be able to ace that next business contract.


Photo credit:


8.    Three-quarter capris

For summer outings and other casual, carefree days, three-quarter capris are an excellent choice. If you can, opt for a pair with neutral tones, so that it could easily match any of your colorful tops.

Photo credit:


9.   Cardigan

A humble cardigan is all you need to battle out the shivers the cold weather can bring. Gone are the days of the scantily-clad mavens – covering up is the new sexy. Cardigans should be part of your wardrobe by now.

Photo credit:


10.    Trusty pair of black pants

Consider buying a pair of black pants that could be paired-off with almost anything you can pull out of your closet. Casual tees, office wear – it should come close to being the most versatile item you’ve ever owned.


There you have it ladies, the trendiest items that you could own whatever the season! These essential clothing pieces are versatile and can be worn in so many exciting, new ways. We hope we gave you great ideas for you to try. ‘Til next time, and happy shopping!


6 Must-Have Cosmetics for the Working Woman


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The office is a battlefield – the deadlines, the terror boss, notorious gossip queens, and a whole lot more that’s surely gonna leave you in stress mode. ‘Grace under pressure’ is a mantra that every lady should practice and preach, but how in the name of office work (and luncheons, and board meetings, and…) do we keep up exactly? When our precious boudoir is out of sight, can we actually achieve a pretty face?

 That is why we have rounded up 6 of the essential cosmetics that every working woman needs. If you’re that kind of woman who has packed her cosmetic bag with products that she actually wouldn’t get to use (and don’t even need), then this is for you. Nothing beats a back-to-basics approach when it comes to cosmetics.


1. Liquid foundation/BB Cream


                Flawless, fresh, beautiful – if you want to achieve great results, you would need perfect coverage. Depending on preference and skin type, you might opt to use one over the other. Liquid foundations are great if you want medium to full coverage – if you have a number of impurities that you would want to cover-up (some fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, etc.), then it will do the trick. If you want light to medium coverage and are in need of minor touch-ups, BB (blemish balm) creams are your best bet.


Choose a product that doubles as sunscreen, with at least SPF 15 and above, to protect yourself from the harsh effects of sun exposure. Either way, these skin correctors are essential cosmetics that you wouldn’t want to forget to stash in your cosmetics case. Ever.


2. Concealer


                Conceal, don’t feel…and kiss away those imperfections goodbye. A trusty concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly and blends in seamlessly is one of the most indispensable items that should be found inside your cosmetics case. A temporary fix can go a long way – with the right tools and technique, you can achieve a beautiful look. While dark circles and eye bags can be unforgiving, the right concealer can correct them in a zap!


 Photo credit:

3. Red Lipstick


                Dare to be the lady with the swoon-worthy, luscious lips! Red is a statement color alright, but it is flattering and very wearable. It is a very versatile product that you can use from the board room, to luncheons, date nights – practically wherever your feet takes you. Choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and overall look – crimson, wine stain, cherry, whatever it is, make it your own, personal color. One of the essential cosmetics every busy woman must have, the signature red lipstick is here to stay.


4. Blush


                A pretty pop of color on the apples of your cheeks?Lovely. Never, ever underestimate the power of a flushed, rosy appearance that only your blush can provide in an instant. Cream, powder, it doesn’t matter – whatever works will do just the job. Just make sure the color you pick actually flatters your complexion, and you’re good to go.


5. Eyeliner


                If you have a set of eyes that are lack lustre and dull, you have to know that it may need a little va-va-voom (courtesy of the make-up department). Eyeliners are a perfect way to add flair and drama to your ordinary office look. You can opt for a subtle, sultry cat eye for that look that screams ‘S-E-X-Y’. Or you can skip the winged look and try a classic eye for a smart, sleek approach. Your call.


6. Eyebrow liner


                They say that the eyebrows are the frames to your face – and if you’re doing things right in that department, you might get yourself into a fab mess. It is imperative for every woman to know how to fix her eyebrows, that is, knowing how to pluck/shave some stray hairs and applying some eye make-up for that seamless touch-up.  Make your look work for you and pack an eyebrow liner in your cosmetics bag. Pencil, powder, it doesn’t matter – just make sure that it blends well with your look and is 2-3 shades darker or lighter than your hair colour (preferably).


                There you have it ladies! 6 essential cosmetics for the working woman. We hope you had fun scanning through our list. How stiff and structured the office atmosphere may be, don’t be afraid to express your own, unique sense of style – experiment! Have fun!