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chia seed peanut butter

chia seed peanut butter

I’ve tried this new peanut butter product recently and like it for it is healthy in the sense that it is low in sodium and contains Chia Seeds. At 350 g, Chia Seed Natural Peanut Butter from Mother Nature costs AU$5.50 and is available in supermarkets. Containing 38 mg of salt per serving,  it is less salty than generic brand peanut butter. Interestingly, it claims to contain Australian Oleic peanuts that have more monosaturated fats compared to ordinary peanuts. It also says on the label that if supply of Oleic peanuts is short, the company will source the mentioned peanuts from Argentina. 

Having a 5 star health rating, this product contains only 1.1 g of saturated fat. Its ingredients make up of Oleic peanuts, chia seeds and salt. 

chia seed peanut butter

The overall taste is mild, less salty and quite light while the consistency is thick and creamy. It is ideal for slathering on toast or prepared in a sandwich press with banana slices.  

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission to write a review on this product. The content and opinions featured in this post are entirely my own, based on my personal experience using the above-mentioned product. 



If you’re proud of your kitchen and spend plenty of time there, chances are you would be on a look out for groovy kitchen gadgets that are practical yet up-to-date. If such gadgets help you prepare your food or beverage in the quickest time possible, they should be in your priority list of gadgets to grab your hands on. These days, new kitchen gadgets are plentiful in the market. They can be tempting to buy, but before you do, think of whether such gadgets will be really useful to you and make sure you’d use them often enough. 

Below are 6 groovy kitchen gadgets every home owner would love to own:

  1.   Electric egg cooker

electric egg cooker

This electric egg cooker will be a much loved appliance especially if you have a big family or regularly have overnight guests. Just place up to 6 eggs in the compartment, choose soft, medium or hard option and voila…you eggs are ready just as you like them. If you prefer poached or omelettes, this gadget is the one to prepare it for you.  This groovy apparatus comes with a measuring cup, shell piercer, poacher tray and omelette bowl. How cool! That helps sort out your eggs for breakfast. Just focus on the toast and coffee. 

2.  Milk Frother  

milk frother

Imagine creating frothy cafe style  cappuccinos, hot chocolates and lattes at home! This milk frother comes in the form of a cordless jug that heats and froths up to 300 ml of milk into a thick, delicious foam so you can treat yourself and your family to delicious frothy coffee or hot chocolate. It’s easy to use and clean, so that means your time can be saved. 


3.  Adjustable Pastry Set

pastry set

If you enjoy preparing pastries, this novelty adjustable pastry set is a dream to own. It is not only a rolling pin but also a croissant and pasta cutter. Whats more? The rolling pin rolls pastry to four precise, pre-set thicknesses – 2, 4, 6 and 8 mm. Preparing croissant and pasta will be painless using this set. Take your baking to a whole new level. 

4.  Spiral Slicer  

spiral slicer


Achieve the recommended servings of vegetables per day with this awesome spiral slicer. This cool gadget turns vegetables into spirals and allows you to create delicious healthy vegetable spaghetti your family will love. Works well with fruit like apples and pears too for fruit salad or garnishing. 


5. Multi Purpose Kettle Tipper  

kettle tipper


If your kettle is too heavy and cumbersome to pour hot water from, use this kettle tipper to make pouring effortless. This apparatus comes with a strong metal frame and a touch fastener to hold the kettle in place and a back stop to prevent spills.


6.  Herb Drying Rack  

herb drying rack

If you grow your herbs, you may want to grab hold of this neat herb drying rack. You’ll have herbs to use all year round.  This rack comes in 3 tiers, so you can dry different herbs on each tier. Simply spread your herbs or chilies over the cotton fabric and circulating air will dry them. Forget about messy bowls lying around the kitchen counter. This herb rack will fit in neatly in a corner. The cotton fabric is easy to remove for washing. 

These groovy kitchen gadgets will be every home owner’s dream to have. The are functional, convenient to use and saves time and hassle. Preparing food will be effortless and something to look forward to with these cool apparatus.  


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission but it is at no extra cost to you. 


choc shake

mayvers super spread

If you’re after dark chocolate spread that’s nutritious and contains little sodium and sugar, Mayver’s Dark Chocolate Super Spread is the answer. This super spread is like no other. So what’s good about it? First of all, for dark chocolate lovers this is the go-to product, based on the fact that the market is saturated with milk chocolate spread. If that isn’t enough good news, listen to this. The super spread is made of nuts of all kinds -cashews, peanuts, Brazil nuts and almonds. Best of all they have been roasted and crushed. 

Health conscious fanatics may be interested to know that Mayver’s Dark Chocolate Super Spread is also packed with the goodness of chia and sesame seeds. Also, it contains only 9.6g of sugar per 100g, cane sugar that is and only 10.1 mg of sodium per 100g.  Containing 20.4 g of monosaturated fat and 12.2g of polysatururated fat per 100g, this creamy,  chocolate spread can be consumed with pleasure, sans guilt. What’s more? This wholesome spread contains a high 563mg of potassium per 100g.  

This super duper spread boasts a healthy 4 star rating and it’s 100% natural. It has no hardened fat or stabilizers, so separation of oil and chocolate may occur. Don’t worry. Just stir the content before scooping it from the jar. This product is Australian owned and made and is stocked in local supermarkets. It is priced at $8.95. 

Mayver’s Dark Chocolate Super Spread is best used either as a spread or in milk shake. Try this:

choc shake 

Delicious Banana Strawberry Chocolate Milk Shake

1 banana, chopped

2 strawberries, chopped

1 cup milk chocolate

1 teaspoon of Mayver’s Dark Chocolate Super Spread

Blend all ingredients together, pour the milk shake into a glass and enjoy the goodness! The super spread provides an added richness to the shake and the seeds that come with it provides that enhanced texture, nutty and nutritious. 

Or spread the nutty dark chocolate on banana. They go very well together and each bite tastes better than the last. Dark choc lovers, this is a spread you’ll fall in love with at first lick off the spoon. Mmmmm….

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission to write a review on this product. The content and opinions featured in this post are entirely my own, based on my personal experience using the above-mentioned product.


sushi roll


The Shushezi sushi maker is the most innovative kitchen gadgets ever produced. It is fool proof and creates perfect sushi rolls each time it comes out of the tubular encasement. There were glitches the first few times I tried using it. However, with practice, I get better at using the gadget. 

Here are a few tricks and tips for preparing the perfect sushi:

shushezi sushi maker tube

1) I tend to forget how the plunger works with the tube each time I use it. It’s a good idea to always refer to the manual that accompanies the kit before you start your sushi making. The plunger has to be placed at the edge of the tube’s interior so that it can be pushed out, not alongside the tube. I prepare sushi about once or twice a month so this time frame isn’t often enough for me to remember how the plunger should be used.

2) Grease the half tubes with oil before adding sushi rice. This prevents the rice from sticky to the tube when you push the sushi roll out using the plunger.


3) Before gently pushing  the sushi roll out , ensure that the cap is attached in a locked position. Push the sushi roll twice or thrice onto the cap so that the end of the roll turns out firm and smooth. Remove the cap to push the roll out.

sushi roll

4) Place a Nori sheet on a wooded board. Push the sushi roll out gently in such a way that there is a 4 cm gap from the edge of each Nori roll. This makes it easier for the wrapping process to take place. Cover one side of the sushi roll and roll it gently away so that the nori firmly clings onto it. Keep on rolling the sushi over the board till the Nori is securely wrapped.

Shushezi sushi knife

5) Wet the knife several times when cutting the sushi roll on its cutter. This ensures that the knife doesn’t stick to the rice causing it to fall apart.

And there you have it. Perfectly made sushi pieces that are round and firm. Seriously, you can’t tell the difference between home-made or take away sushi. Of course, the filling has to be perfect too. I’ll share delicious sushi fillings in future posts, so stay tuned….By the way, ensure that you use sushi rice, not ordinary rice and enough sushi vinegar for that desired stickiness.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission to write a review on this product. The content and opinions featured in this post are entirely my own, based on my personal experience using the above-mentioned product.


sushi maker

Sushezi sushi set

Making sushi used to be a chore and a very messy affair. Gone are days when the sushi mat had been a vital item in the sushi making kit. For in those days, without the mat, sushi making was regarded impossible. Nowadays, new inventions have made food preparation much less of a chore. Preparing sushi has never been more convenient in the kitchen. 

The Sushezi sushi maker makes it possible for sushi to be prepared even by less nimble hands. It comprises 3 items: the sushi roller (a cylindrical plastic that can be split into halves for the rice and filling to be compartmentalised), a cutting template and a knife.   

Sushezi sushi set 2


The Sushezi sushi maker is fool-proof. The sushi roll comes out of the roller onto the Nori seaweed effortlessly. The roll emerges out of the tube nicely, forming tight, well-shaped cylindrical rolls. 

Figuring out how to use this roller is not rocket science. Learning how to use this device is as easy as ABC.

The kit comes with a cutting template which helps me slice the sushi rolls evenly, without any mess. Fortunately, there is no squished sushi slices so far. 

The kit is dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning easy and fuss-free.  


The instructions on the quantity of rice to be used should not be taken at face value. This needs to be trialed and perfected, depending on how many rolls you expect to prepare. 

If you’ve not used this kit for some time, you’d want to spend a few minutes on figuring how to use the kit. Initially, the use of the plunger rod to compress the sushi rice can be a bit tricky. With practice, using the plunger rod gradually becomes second nature.  

On the whole, I feel that the Sushezi sushi maker is one of the best innovative kitchen gadgets found in the market. Preparing sushi has never been so convenient. Out of a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the Sushezi sushi maker an 8. 

Pricing for this product varies online as well as in local department stores.  

Stay tuned for sushi preparation tricks and recipes in my upcoming posts. 

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission to write a review on this product. The content and opinions featured in this post are entirely my own, based on my personal experience using the above-mentioned product. 



Herbal essences ‘Smooth Lovin’ None Of your Frizzness’ serum is a new comer introduced by Clairol. This 75ml leave in moisturiser is packaged in a small, thin bottle that fits snugly into your handbag. Its red and brown label against the green bottle makes it conspicuous enough on supermarket shelves. Valued at less than AU$7, it is considered a steal for budget-strapped hair conscious shoppers.

Some thoughts

Although the product claims that it ‘helps smoothen hair after just one use’ with its ‘anti-humidity technology’,  my hair needs about 2 to three small dabs of application before the sleekness becomes noticeable. Also, a few more small dabs of the product need to be applied each day before wash-hair day. 

The effect is satisfactory. My hair becomes shiny and sleek immediately after application. The best thing about the product is that it fits nicely in the handbag so that the serum can be reapplied on blown away hair or on hair exposed to extreme heat. 

The consistency of the serum is pretty thick and works well on my hair. It needs a few dabs of application on the back, sides and fringe before the effects can be seen. The subtle fragrance is also a plus factor of the serum, giving the hair a hint of freshness. 




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If you don’t drive and need a lift to work, you can opt for car pooling with a few mates. Everyone in the car pooling team contributes towards the petrol cost and toll fee, if any. This is a cost and energy efficient way to travel. In the long run, car pooling helps ease road congestion which in turn benefits all road users. Car pooling has been practised for decades and the term itself is not uncommon. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and the term ‘beauty pooling’ is now the talk of the town. Specially practised by beauty conscious women, beauty pooling has become a method to save money and use state-of-the-art beauty equipment at the same time. In a nut shell, beauty pooling refers to a group of people who share high-end beauty equipment instead of going for treatments in the salon or spa. Such treatment includes the use of hair removal device, sauna equipment, foot spa or tan spray machine.

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This may be one way to save thousands of dollars on spa packages. Chipping in to buy beauty equipment and taking turns to use the machine in the privacy of your home may be your solution to beautify yourself while saving you lots of money. Is this an effective solution to the beauty conscious woman?


Let’s look at the pros and cons of beauty pooling:





1.   It saves you money. So let’s say, E-one, a medically approved hair removal equipment that has been certified for personal home-use, costing about $2000 is shared amongst four women. Each one forks out just $500 and takes turns to use it in the comfort of her home for life. Now, isn’t it worth the money?



2.    It saves you time. If your friends or relatives whom you share the beauty equipment with live near to each other, you save travel and waiting time as you can conveniently collect the equipment and transport it to your home. You also save on parking fees by not having to deal with high hourly parking rates in the city centre or pay toll fees to the city.




1.  Missing out on frills

You miss out on the frills that come with salon or spa treatment and the feeling of being pampered by considering the spa as a respite from your hectic schedule. Nothing beats being taken care of the moment you step into a spa till the moment you emerge from it. Being served refreshing ginger tea on arrival, being given a head and shoulder massage and having someone attending to your needs certainly is a rejuvenating experience that is lacking in beauty pooling.


2. Absence of on-the-spot technical support

You have to be totally confident in operating the machine yourself and ensure it is fool-proof to  make the most of the machine. If you face a problem, would you know how to trouble shoot it? Or can you be bothered to rectify it at all at the time when you expect to take a break from your routine?


3Misunderstanding arising from machine use


A proper roster of machine ownership has to be devised to avoid tiffs and misunderstandings. Hoarding the machine for too long will result in uncalled for squabbles and ill feelings amongst parties involved. Also, possible accusations on machine usage may also arise when a technical glitch occurs.


4.  Equipment size and assembly

If the equipment is bulky and heavy and needs to be transferred from one home to another, this will be cumbersome and pose added burden after the novelty of the machine is gone. In addition, if the equipment needs to be assembled and disassembled before and after use, this will pose a hassle over time.


5.  Invasion of privacy

If parties involved decides to place the machine in one home while others can come by to use it on a rotational basis, this may pose a certain degree of convenience to the host as there will be invasion of privacy or may result in having her to accommodate to the schedule to ensure availability.


Beauty pooling is indeed a novel way to save on high-end beauty treatments but is it worth the effort? Consider the above pros and cons before you commit yourself to sharing the equipment. Beauty pooling is not for everyone. Take note of whether you have plenty of time to spare, ample space to park the equipment and the people whom you agree to share it with before you decide to take the plunge. After all, a product that is worth huge sums of money should not be taken lightly, especially if it is meant to be shared and enjoyed by a group of friends or relatives. It is not just the cost and time that you should bear in mind. Emotional and psychological factors should also be taken into consideration to avoid strained relationships. What is your take on this?


elizabeth arden green tea lavender spary


Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender Spray

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender Eau De Toilette Spray is one of Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea collection. If you like floral scent, the Green Tea Lavender in Elizabeth Arden’s repertoire of Green Tea Spray range is the one for you. This particular spray gives off a subtle, feminine floral scent that is refreshing and thus invigorates the senses.

Since the spray is not concentrated unlike perfume, do not expect the scent to last. When sprayed on the skin, the scent will linger for up to 2 hours after which respraying is necessary. However, the fragrance lasts a bit longer when sprayed on clothes or on skin that has been lightly dusted with baby powder or smothered with body lotion.

The fragrance of the green tea is, however, overpowered by the floral scent of lavender. If you are after a scent that evokes the spirit of summer or need some calming and uplifting, this spray is the answer. For a sweeter citrus scent that is reminiscent of spring, the green tea spray is a better option.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender Eau De Toilette Spray is suitable for after gym or after work hours when all you need is to freshen up and feel sprightly for the remainder of the day. Don’t overlook this fragrance after a road trip or a plane ride. Two spays are all you need to regain your composure, keep all anxieties at bay and feel rejuvenated.

This product comes in an attractive packaging and makes a lovely gift for someone close at heart. It is currently sold at Priceline outlets at a promotional price of AU$15.





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Hummus afficianados out there, here is a piece of good news if you are scoping for good tasting, high-quality hummus to go with your crackers or vegetable sticks. Dari’s Table Harissa Hummus dip, launched by Australian gourmet soup and curry manufacturer DariKay, is a must-try.

This hummus dip complements well with the harissa it comes with which is a Moroccan chilli paste that gives zest and some kick to the palette. The harissa’s heat which is between 3 to 4 on a scale of 10, is somewhat tolerable for most. Texture-wise, the hummus is silky smooth and creamy. The taste is light and deliciously satisfying. The spices and herbs that are sprinkled around the harissa add colour and enhance the overall presentation of the product. These two opposing tastes – light and chilli hot – create a fine balance to the palette of the adventurous foodie. Suffice to say, it can be regarded as a comfort winter food, when one is in need of some heat to kick in. The harissa hummus dip works well with Captain’s Table plain crackers, Lavosh biscuits and Vita-Wheat crackers. Vegetable sticks consisting of carrots and celery are ideal alternatives to crackers and make great healthy snacks before a huge meal.

The Dari’s Table range is “gluten free, dairy free, animal-fat free, egg free and kosher”, so it is suitable for vegans and weight-watchers.

The Harissa Hummus dip is available in all major supermarkets across Australia and is sold for AU$4.99 each.




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McVites Digestive Dark Chocolate offers the best combination of biscuit and chocolate all at once. Covered in dark chocolate, the biscuit is wholesome, yet soft and melts in the mouth at every bite. It is made of 45% wheat and wholemeal, has no hydrogenated vegetable oil which is a plus point and no artificial colours or flavours. It also is a good source of fiber and is suitable for vegetarians.  

Photo credit


With each biscuit containing 84 calories, one must be strong-willed enough not to chomp on a large portion of the packet. Each packet is 300g in weight which contains about 18 biscuits. Upon opening the inner silver packaging, a tempting aroma of dark chocolate drifts up the nostrils. Though soft, the biscuit gives a crunch at every bite and is further enriched with the delicious dark chocolate coating that melts slowly in the mouth. I must say that McVites Digestive Dark Chocolate gives the consumer the best of both worlds – the wholesome wholemeal biscuit and the heavenly dark chocolate. Personally, I prefer McVites digestive Dark Chocolate to Tim Tams which in contrast is too hard and far too sweet.  

The only downside of these biscuits are that they contain a huge proportion of saturated fat consisting of 12.5 g per 100g and sugar comprising 27.3g per 100g. This is certainly the product to go for if you are after that ‘feel good’ sensation but not if your goal is to lose weight. On the positive side, it contains little sodium at 0.3 g per 100g.

McVites Digestive Dark Chocolate is certainly a snack the whole family will enjoy. After every bite, the delicious dark chocolate lingers for a while leaving a pleasant after-taste in the mouth as the endorphins from the chocolate kicks in.