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Hair Color Mascara - Medium Brown 7.0 g

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1000 Hour Hair Colour Mascara is a breakthrough in grey hair coverage. This product is a must-have for those who constantly face the problem of bad grey hair days. It works similar to that of a mascara and it can be easily kept in the handbag and applied when needed.

Simply brush the colour mascara over grey hair from its roots upwards and hey presto! Your grey hair is completely concealed. This works well before your next manual or professional touch up using commercial hair dye. 1000 Hour Colour Mascara is ideal for small areas of grey hair coverage on the sides or the top of the head, especially at hair parting where grey hair is most obvious.

1000 Hour Hair Colour comes in black and all shades of brown. It is easy to apply and provides great temporary grey coverage.

The coverage runs off when hair is washed and has to be reapplied. While it works very well as temporary coverage, it leaves stains. Also, hair feels stiff where coverage is applied.

Nevertheless, the product works magically for bad grey hair days. It offers instant coverage till your next hair wash.

1000 Hour Colour Mascara is available in Priceline outlets for AU$11.99.  



Kaftans and tunics are chic, stylish and comfortable to wear in the warmer summer months. They come in all styles, lengths and colours and can be worn with pants, a skirt or on its own. The price of kaftans is determined by its material and quality of workmanship. Satin, silk or chiffon kaftans are costlier than its cotton or polyester alternatives.

Tunics and kaftans are long, simple, and have varying sleeve lengths. Tunics can reach up to anywhere between the hips and ankles, while kaftans usually go down to the ankles, though shorter kaftans are becoming fashionable. Tunics were first worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, while kaftans originated in Persia. While both garments were mostly used by men in previous centuries, today they are popular among women as fashion statements. Tunics and kaftans are usually made of cotton, silk, satin, wool, or similar natural fabrics.

How to wear tunics and kaftans

Tunics and kaftans come in a variety of designs, colours, and fabric types, and their loose cut is perfect for hiding problem areas such as the waistline and the thighs. However, with the right accessories, tunics and kaftan can create feminine and shape-enhancing outfits. This is why tunics and kaftans are among the most versatile garments for women. It is important to know how to combine tunics and kaftans with other items such as a chemise or pants or slim skirt to create a variety of outfits for casual wear, beach wear, and even formal wear that can be adapted for any occasion.

Tunics and Kaftans as Work Attire

Tunics and kaftans can look casual due to their stylish design and elegant patterns. However, you can choose tunics and kaftans that come in slim long sleeves instead of flowing kimono sleeves, suitable to be used as work attire by most women. The trick to portray the professional look with a tunic or kaftan is by combining them with other items that look professional. For example, wearing a hip-length tunic or kaftan with a black pencil skirt, a classical jacket, and a pair of high heels can make the wearer look chic yet professional at the same time. However, it is crucial to ensure that the tunic or kaftan is not too transparent, as it would make it too revealing, deeming the outfit unprofessional for work.

Tunics and Kaftans as Casual, Weekend Attire

Kaftans and tunics that come in kimono or butterfly sleeves or umbrella sleeves at the tip are suitable for casual and weekend wear. They provide a more relaxed style suitable for shopping, picnics or family gatherings due to its loose cutting and stylish designs.

Here are some kaftan and tunic styles you can spot in summer for a relaxed yet stylish look.

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The above kaftan is elegant and very comfortable. It is just the right length to wear on its own. The material is soft and flowing, giving the wearer a feminine touch.  This kaftan is ideal for weekend wear outdoors or indoors.

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The above tunic goes well with pants or skinny jeans. The butterfly sleeves add a touch of elegance to the wearer. The loose kaftan gives the wearer a cool and non-clingy feel in summer. It is perfect for dress down Friday office wear or casual activities in the weekends. It is also perfect to wear this Christmas if you are lucky enough to be in the warm or tropical climate zone.

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The above long-sleeved tunic is perfect for party wear or weekend day wear.   The tip of the sleeves umbrellas out to give the wearer a feminine touch. Choosing the right kaftan that flatters the figure of the wearer is not difficult if you select the right cutting, size and material.


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The above tunic has an alluring ethnic look. The material is light and soft, providing comfort to the wearer on hot summer days. The long sleeves give the wearer a smart causal look. This outfit looks great with long or three quarter pants or jeans.



salt lamps


New age therapy is becoming a fad these days. People with health symptoms or those needing certain treatment will try anything novel for health benefits. One of these new age novelties is the Himalayan Salt Lamps. These lamps work in such a way that they disburse negative ions that emanate from the salt crystals thereby providing corrective balance against the flood of toxins that often permeates the air we breathe.



Known as the most pollutant free form of salt on earth, Himalyan salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. This is due to the fact that Himalayan salt is found at high altitudes in the deepest mines located under the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range such that it is devoid of pollution or foreign material. This is a far cry from commercial salt found in grocery stores and the supermarkets that is laden with sodium and chloride mix. Interestingly, it is believed that Himalayan salt can be considered to possess primal oceanic elements our bodies were exposed to during the initial stages of man’s evolution.


Suggestions on the best locations for Himalayan Salt Lamp in your room

The best room in the house to place your Himalayan salt lamp is your bedroom as it helps clear sinuses during the night when the body’s defense system is most relaxed and receptive and to help improve sleep.

Alternatively, you can install one in the living room where the family relaxes. This creates an environment filled with positive enery.

Place a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home office. This results in a reduction of electro-magnetic pollution from office equipment such as the computer. By keeping a lamp nearby when you’re studying, increases your powers of concentration.


Himalayan salt lamps provide non-medicative therapy to allergy and asthma sufferers in relieving their allergy and asthma symptoms. Exposure to the clean, naturally-ionized air also reduces insomnia and other sleep disorders. A piece of good news, indeed for insomnia sufferers. So if you have been trying all sorts of oral medication for your allergy, breathing or sleep problems, consider alternative therapy and soak in its benefits.


For all Kate Middleton fans out there, here is an offer not to be missed. Save 77% on a set of Kate Middleton jewellery comprising a ring, pair of earrings and a necklace – all platinum plated and set with simulated sapphires and simulated diamonds. The set comes in a velvety pouch and is delivered free in Australia. Catch the royal fever and wow your friends with this collection. It makes a good Christmas or birthday gift for a Kate Middleton fan friend too.

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My hair has been limp and brittle with split ends due to many years of re-bonding (permanent straightening) and colouring. I’ve tried many hair care products including various leave-in conditioner but my hair condition remains the same until I stumbled on the Organix shampoo and conditioner range. The ones I’ve tried (Coconut Milk and Brazalian Keratin Therapy) work well for me so far. My hair texture has gradually improved and has a noticeable sheen. Now, my split ends are less noticebale ever since I’ve applied this special ingredient to my hair- the Moroccan Argan oil.

What’s argan oil? Produced from the nut of the argan tree, Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. Suitable for hair prone to frizz or coarseness, it is packed with Omega 3, fatty acids and Vitamin E which improves limp and dull hair.

Traditionally the local Berber women (indigenous women of North Africa) collected the seeds and pressed them to obtain the Argan oil for domestic use. This was a laborious process taking about 12 – 20 hours of hand processing to produce one litre of Argan oil. Oil produced by this method will keep for 3 – 6 months because it has extremely high vitamin E levels and is considered oxidatively stable.

Interestingly, Moroccan Argan oil is in the top ten list of beauty essentials. It is no wonder then that Moroccan Argan oil is a sought-after product in the beauty industry these days.

Let’s take a look at the top ten essential beauty ingredients:

1.Morocco: Argan oil -This antioxidant-packed oil is great for hair and skin, and it absorbs much more easily than common skin oils like apricot and avocado. Argan oil is exclusively found in Morocco.

2.China: Camellia oil – Camellia oil is one of the most common cooking oils in southern China, but it’s also renowned for its ability to prevent stretch marks and discoloration.

3.Mexico: Tepezcohuite – The bark of this tree has tons of astringent tannins in it, making it great for preventing infections and keeping scars from forming.

4.The Dominican Republic: Garlic – It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

5.India: Neem – It is great for healthy hair.

6.Japan: Sake – Try a sake bath. Sake is high in kojic acid and enzymes that soften skin and help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

7.New Zealand: Manuka honey – People have been using honey for its antimicrobial properties (and its deliciousness) since prehistoric times. The Kiwi type of honey, however, is even better as an antibacterial and antimicrobial than the regular kind.

8.Ghana: Black soap – This great Ghanian soap is legendary for its gentle cleansing properties and skin-softening abilities. It’s made with plantain skins, which have loads of vitamins A and E, and moisturizing shea butter.

9.France: Milk – It is full of gentle lactic acid, which exfoliates and softens without the harshness of stronger acid types. Pour some fresh whole milk or cream into your bath along with honey or lavender to get a gorgeous glow.

10.The Amazon: Passion flower oil – Passion flower oil, aka maracuja, has been used in the Amazon for thousands of years because of its anti-inflammatory abilities, but it’s also high in fatty acids and vitamin C.

Now Argan oil is gaining popularity as a “miracle ingredient” in the Western beauty product industry. Because it is rare and expensive, it is often referred to as fluid gold. If you’d like a nice, inexpensive alternative to a pure argan oil or another Moroccan oil salon product, Organix renewing Moroccan Argan Oil penetrating serum is the product to try. This product contains dimethicone, cyclomethicone, linseed extract, among other ingredients, which does not qualify for its association with the pure Moroccan Argan Oil product range. If you’re looking for shiny, manageable results, Organix renewing Moroccan Argan Oil penetrating serum will work for a fraction of the price of pure Moroccan oil products.


If you travel or go away for the weekend often, you’d want to pack as little as you can including bringing minimum toiletries that can be cumbersome and bulky. There is also the minimum limit of liquid that needs to be complied with if you taking a luggage on board the plane. The most sensible way is to buy refillable travel bottles from the personal store to fill your cleanser, toner and moisturiser.


Sometimes, the shape of these bottles can take up space despite their diminutive sizes. I’ve found ideal replacements for these containers. They can be found in any personal store or in the toiletries section in the supermarket. If you look hard enough, you will find some interesting miniature toiletries that look like replicas of the originals. There is a wide selection to choose from – moisturiser, deodorant, shampoo, cleanser, toner, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth wash and skin lotion. Another plus point is that these miniatures are so affordable, they costs less than AU$2.


There was a time when I used to stockpile them for convenience when I used to go for short getaways on a regular basis. The slim shaped bottles and tubes save a lot of space. What’s more? They are also light and easy to pack. Once empty, the bottles can be refilled over and over again. They come labelled too, so you dont have to get your cleanser, moisturiser and body lotion mixed up.



I came across this pair of Bonds slip on socks at Woolworths yesterday. They come in pink and black and cost about AU$12 each pair. I liked them when I first set my eyes on them and liked them even more when I tried them on. Available in sizes S, M and L, they are so comfortable and fit my medium-sized feet well. Worn both as a pair of socks and slippers, they can be slipped snugly under the covers at night as well as worn in the house when the weather gets cooler. As they fit my feet so well as if they are part of my feet, I use them even when I sprawl on the sofa. Being less bulky and lighter than the moccasins, Bonds socks are ideal to be used anywhere in the home and keep my feet warm.

See? They fit my feet so snugly.


Another interesting fact about Bonds socks is that the outer soles are sewn with tiny beads to give the added friction against smooth-surfaced flooring when moving about. This is a much needed safety feature when walking down uncarpeted stairs.

These socks, designed like soft dancing shoes, can be comfortably slipped off and on as opposed to having the hassle of pulling off and putting on normal socks. The band that runs across the feet keeps them nicely secure. My versatile socks can be machine washed easily with cold water.

The next time you are in need of a pair of light, soft slippers to be worn around the house, look for Bonds slip on socks as an alternative.



Stingray leather is a novelty these days. It is rather rare and is newly introduced in the market. Thailand is the main producer and exporter of stingray leather goods especially its beautifully designed wallets. Stingray leather is attractive and chic as the stingray scales create a pattern resembling thousands of glittering pearls. When light shines on the stingray leather, its surface sparkles like a piece of jewellery. The dark scales of each skin is offset by a distinctive white eye. This white eye is part of a unique feature to stingray leather making it stand out from other animal hide.

Apart from its stunning beauty, the stingray leather is remarkably durable. as each tiny pearl is rooted in the underside of the skin, the leather is impossible to cut of tear. Unlike other leathers that have fibres running parallel to each other, stingray leather consists of fibres that criss-cross in every directon. This adds to the durability of the leather. Another amazing fact is that the scales are resistant to water and fire. This makes the leather long-lasting. Hence, a stingray wallet or pair of boots is a good product to have and to invest in for the long-run.

As stingray products are locally produced in Thailand, they are sold cheaply there and are found in abundance in the malls and markets. Look for logos and go to reputable stores to ensure the genuineness of the product.

This was what I found during my shopping expedition in Thailand.


Isn’t it charming? Each one is unique and its pattern is not replicated. It’s durability can also be felt based on its firmness of the leather. What’s more? The glittering surface caused by the reflection of light caught on the tiny pearls makes it even more irresistable to the eyes. Now isn’t that chic?