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Hair Color Mascara - Medium Brown 7.0 g

Photo Credit http://www.priceline.com.au


1000 Hour Hair Colour Mascara is a breakthrough in grey hair coverage. This product is a must-have for those who constantly face the problem of bad grey hair days. It works similar to that of a mascara and it can be easily kept in the handbag and applied when needed.

Simply brush the colour mascara over grey hair from its roots upwards and hey presto! Your grey hair is completely concealed. This works well before your next manual or professional touch up using commercial hair dye. 1000 Hour Colour Mascara is ideal for small areas of grey hair coverage on the sides or the top of the head, especially at hair parting where grey hair is most obvious.

1000 Hour Hair Colour comes in black and all shades of brown. It is easy to apply and provides great temporary grey coverage.

The coverage runs off when hair is washed and has to be reapplied. While it works very well as temporary coverage, it leaves stains. Also, hair feels stiff where coverage is applied.

Nevertheless, the product works magically for bad grey hair days. It offers instant coverage till your next hair wash.

1000 Hour Colour Mascara is available in Priceline outlets for AU$11.99.